If there’s one thing the last year has taught us, it’s the importance of maintaining your health.

And not just making sure you eat nutritious food and exercise regularly, but that you also have a safety net for when unavoidable illnesses and accidents occur.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Healthcare can be expensive — whether or not you have health insurance.

Last year the average monthly cost of health insurance was around $456 for individuals and $1,152 per family. Many costs are even going up from there.

It all adds up, to say the least. And without health insurance, the cost of a regular doctor checkup or a trip to the urgent care can be even worse.

Without insurance, an MRI can cost around $1,119. Just one day in the hospital can cost you $5, 220.

Many families avoid getting healthcare altogether because they know the expenses can be crippling. But avoiding routine or preventive care can lead to even more serious health issues down the line. And more serious issues mean much higher costs.

It goes to show just how important preventative care can be for you and your family — even if it doesn’t feel urgent in the moment. You don’t need the stress of debt on top of worrying about your health or the health of your loved ones.

We want you to have the convenient, affordable, and reliable health care that everyone deserves. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing the future of healthcare: virtual telemedicine services straight to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

With the convenience and affordability of myCallADoc, preventative care doesn’t have to be a luxury for you and your family.

Read on to discover the benefits of telehealth, and how it can save you a lot of money on health care this year.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine with myCallADoc is a virtual on-demand doctor service. With telemedicine, you can talk to a doctor online from wherever there’s internet service. You can also reach your doctor by phone if you don’t have internet access.

That means you can see a doctor without leaving your couch, your office, or even your hotel room if you’re traveling.

And with myCallADoc, our on-call, board-certified doctors can be reached 24/7, 7 days a week, every day of the year. That means you can see a doctor even when the little one has a midnight fever.

How Telemedicine Saves You Money on Health Insurance

Without health insurance, going to the doctor is likely the last thing you want to do — especially if your needs don’t seem urgent.

Even with insurance, it’s hard to gauge what you’ll actually be charged for any doctor visit. Sure, the copay might be on the website. But how can you tell what else will pop up during the visit?

What if you need antibiotics, or other prescriptions? And what if the doctor needs to run tests, or write you a referral for a different specialist?

Health issues are hard enough to manage without the unpredictability of costs. With myCallADoc telemedicine, you don’t need to spend money on a monthly health insurance premium to get quality care from board certified doctors.

Your membership is only $28 a month and includes coverage for your entire family. That’s about the cost of a monthly streaming service!

You don’t have to be locked in by long-term contracts, either. We know life is full of changes. Every subscription is month to month, with the option to cancel any time.

The cherry on top? There are never any deductibles or copays, saving you even more headaches!

1. myCallADoc Saves You Money on Emergency Care

It isn’t always obvious when you should go to the Emergency Room. While some medical issues can seem concerning, sometimes a trip to the ER lands you a huge bill for unnecessary treatment.

Other times, the emergency room is your best bet for treating urgent and serious issues.

So how do you save yourself from the gamble of whether to head to the hospital or not? How can you avoid simply being told by ER doctors to take care of the issue at home, and with meds you could have gotten for much less?

Before heading to the emergency room, your best bet is to quickly consult with a doctor.

Our board-certified doctors can help you determine whether your issue is worth a trip to the hospital or not, which could help you save thousands of dollars in medical debt.

Just a few of the common illnesses we can assess and treat include:

  • Rashes
  • Insect bites
  • Urinary Tract issues
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Respiratory infections
  • Ear infections
  • And much more

2. The Whole Family is Covered

The cost saving doesn’t stop with your personal health care.

One myCallADoc membership means coverage for your whole family. Yes, that super affordable $28 a month will cover your partner or spouse, kids, and grandparents too — even the kids who are away at college!

No more worrying if your college student will have proper health care when they’re away from home, or if you can afford to keep them healthy and happy.

We even have dermatology to help them ease any insecurities or discomfort with their skin so they can focus on school.

Rest easy knowing you aren’t the only one who gets to enjoy the benefits of telehealth.

3. Save on Transportation

Another factor you might not take into account until it’s happening is the cost of traveling to doctor appointments.

Not only can it take a lot of time to round up the kids or to get yourself going when you’re already under the weather, but it ends up costing money too.

Save some gas money or Uber rides and make yourself your favorite hot tea instead. myCallADoc makes it so you can access legitimate medical care without even leaving home or the office — an added bonus when you’re trying hard to stick to social distancing!

4. Save on Childcare or Missed Work

Considering that your everyday doctor’s office operates during office hours, it can be a real pain to make it to doctor appointments.

In addition to copays, deductibles, testing, and medical costs, you have to budget for the time lost at work. Even one hour away adds to the rising costs.

It’s tough when you have to stay home with kids, too. Even if you have PTO to fall back on, hourly childcare can be just as much of a blow to the wallet.

Thanks to telemedicine, you can step out for a 15-minute break to do a quick call with your doctor. No pay docked, no childcare needed — just immediate relief.

5. Save on Health Care When Traveling

If you think medical care is expensive locally, try needing a doctor when you’re traveling!

Insurance like Medicaid only qualifies you for services within your state. So if you’re on a road trip or even abroad, you can expect to pay a lot of money out of pocket for even the most simple procedures.

Not to mention the hassle of finding a doctor you can trust with no friends to recommend one or even worse, to knowing the local language.

With myCallADoc, you’re covered all over the world. Just log onto your app and you’ll be connected to a doctor in minutes.

6. Save on Prescriptions

Americans spend an average of 2.5 times more than other countries for prescriptions.

Without insurance, everyday medications can break the bank in no time.

Brand name antidepressants, for example, average about $34 a pill. And essential asthma inhalers like Flovent can run you a whopping $781.

myCallADoc wants to ease the stress of medical care in every way possible. That’s why we offer up to 80% off commercial prescriptions for members.

And our doctors will send them straight to your pharmacy right away, so no need to stress about the wait, either.

Start Saving Money Today!

There’s still time to achieve that New Years’ resolution to focus more on health for you and your family. myCallADoc is a great place to start!

After all, with reliable doctors, affordable access to care and prescriptions, and 24/7 assistance, where could you go wrong?

Sign up for a myCallADoc membership and get saving! >

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