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myCallADoc telemedicine services are revolutionizing the way families take care of their health. Get quality, reliable preventive care and treatment all year round with myCallADoc.

Americans today spend twice as much on healthcare as they did in the 1980s*

With or without insurance, the cost of healthcare is a massive burden to American families.

Last year, the average monthly cost of health insurance was around $456 for individuals and $1,152 per family.

Without health insurance, the cost of a regular doctor checkup or a trip to urgent care can be even worse.

Many families avoid getting health care because the expenses can be crippling. But avoiding preventive care can lead to even more serious health issues down the line — and higher treatment costs.

*Resource: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/09/americans-spend-twice-as-much-on-health-care-today-as-in-the-1980s.html

What is Telemedicine?

myCallADoc telemedicine is the answer to receiving the affordable and reliable health care your family deserves.

Telemedicine with myCallADoc is a virtual on-demand doctor service.

For just $28 a month, you and your entire family can talk to a board-certified doctor from wherever there’s internet service using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

From midnight fevers to ongoing health checkups, you can see a doctor without leaving your couch, your office, or even your hotel room if you’re traveling.

Sign up to become a member and start speaking to a doctor in minutes. It’s that easy.

Save on Preventive Care

Ongoing health checkups are key to making sure everyone in your family stays healthy throughout the year.

With a myCallADoc telehealth membership, anyone in your family can speak to our board-certified General Medicine doctors as many times as you need throughout the month, at no extra cost.

The advantages of telemedicine mean no co-pays, no deductibles, and no hidden fees. Just reliable, affordable health care whenever you need it.

Save on Emergency Care

The average non-emergency ER visit costs around $2000. While some medical issues can seem concerning, a trip to the ER can land you a huge bill for unnecessary treatment.

Before heading to the emergency room, your best bet is to quickly consult with an online doctor from home using telemedicine services.

Our board-certified doctors can help you determine whether your issue is worth a trip to the hospital, which could help you save thousands of dollars in medical debt.

Save on Coverage for the Whole Family

As a myCallADoc member, the cost-saving doesn’t stop with your personal care.

For only $28 a month, your membership covers your partner or spouse, kids, and grandparents too — even kids who are away at college!

Rest easy knowing you aren’t the only one who gets to enjoy the benefits of comprehensive and affordable care with myCallADoc telehealth services.

Save on Transportation

If you or a family member have ongoing health conditions or concerns, multiple trips to the doctor can add up. This can also mean more missed work and extra childcare expenses.

Save on gas money or Uber rides with telehealth services. myCallADoc allows you to access quality medical care without ever leaving home or the office — an added bonus when you’re feeling sick and trying to social-distance!

That’s just one of the many benefits of telemedicine to patients.

Save on Missed Work and Childcare

A visit to the doctor means budgeting for time lost at work. Even one hour away adds to the rising costs of your medical care.

And if your family needs childcare while you’re at the doctor, this extra expense can be yet another blow to your wallet.

With telehealth services, you can simply take a quick break to see your doctor over your phone or laptop. No leaving work or home, no pay docked, and no childcare needed — just immediate relief.

Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you think medical care is expensive locally, try needing a doctor when you’re traveling!

Insurance like Medicaid only qualifies you for services within your state. If you’re on a road trip or abroad, you can expect to pay a lot of money out of pocket for even simple procedures.

Not to mention the hassle of finding a doctor you can trust in a new state or country!

With myCallADoc, you’re covered all over the world. Just log onto your app like you would at home, and you’ll be connected to a doctor in minutes.

Save on Prescriptions

Americans spend an average of 2.5 times more than other countries for prescriptions. Without insurance, everyday medications can break the bank.

myCallADoc telehealth eases the stress of medical care for your family in every way possible. On top of your affordable monthly membership price, you’ll receive special savings up to 80% off commercial prescriptions.

Your online doctor will send your prescription straight to the pharmacy near you, so you can look forward to fast, convenient relief.

No Health Insurance Necessary

Last year, around 43.4% of adults aged 19 to 64 weren’t insured for regular health care. That’s 43.4% of people missing out on the care they deserve.

You and your family need access to a trusted, certified doctor — with or without health insurance.

That’s why we cut out the middleman with MyCallADoc. Our MyCallADoc doctors, specialists, and pediatricians are board-certified and guaranteed to deliver quality preventive care and treatment.

So you can get the care you need from trained health professionals without having to go through insurance or worrying whether your treatment will be covered by your plan.

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