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5 Reasons Telemedicine is a Lifesaver When You Have a Sick Child

As a parent, it’s hard when your child is sick. You want to help them feel better fast, but it’s not always clear when it’s time to see the pediatrician, or when it can be handled from home.  Plus, bringing your child into the doctor’s office can expose them to another illness, like COVID-19. And […]

5 Ways Your Phone Can Improve Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health

Phones aren’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your health. You might spend a lot of time on screens, which can make you sedentary and even depressed. And studies have shown that screen time can interfere with sleep, creativity, and memory. But your phone can also be a tool […]

Here’s How Using Your Sick and Personal Days Can Keep You Healthy

In America, many workers are struggling with taking time off. You might feel guilty about not working or feel like there’s something wrong with taking a personal day. In 2000, Americans used to take nearly three weeks of vacation a year. But that’s changing — in 2015, the average American took only 16.2 days off […]

5 Reasons Getting a Dog Can Boost Your Mental and Physical Health

August is National Dog Month! This year, after millions of Americans brought home a dog during the pandemic, more people than ever are celebrating their furry members of the family. Even before the spike in dog adoptions due to Covid, more and more Americans have become pet owners. In 2021, about 70% of American households […]

The New Travel Trend: Use Telemedicine to Stay Healthy Wherever You Go

When the world was forced to pivot due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a silver lining emerged: we realized the value of meeting with doctors and receiving healthcare online. Over the past few years, telemedicine services have become a popular alternative to meeting with a doctor. Telemedicine offers an accessible, convenient, and safe way to diagnose […]

6 Physical and Mental Benefits of Having a Yoga Practice

June 21st is International Yoga Day. On this day and all year long you can use yoga to connect your mind and body and discover a more holistic approach to your overall health and self-discovery.

Improve Your Mind and Body With These 5 Women’s Health Tips

It’s National Women’s Health Week and now is the time to advocate for your health! As a woman, you might be faced with responsibilities like work, motherhood, or staying active in causes you care about in your community. It’s easy to forget about your needs over time when you’re busy caring for others, and this […]

How Your Whole Body Benefits From a Meditation Practice

Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that encourage your mind to reach a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Many who practice meditation often also refer to it as “mindfulness.” Meditation has been practiced across different cultures and religions for thousands of years. While traditional forms of meditation were more focused […]

How to Treat Your Sore Throat at Home (Plus When It’s Time to See a Doctor)

The onset of an itchy sore throat can quickly turn a good day into a bad one. With a painful, scratchy throat, it can be hard to focus on work, be present with family, or enjoy fun activities. You also might be nervous about spreading an illness to others.  If sore throat symptoms persist or […]

How to Deep Clean Your Home for Spring Allergy Relief

There’s a sinister side to the beauty of spring. While the trees are budding and flowers are in bloom, your immune system is going crazy. Your body tries to clear the allergens from your system, causing itchy eyes and incessant sneezing, seriously spoiling the arrival of milder weather.  For many people, seasonal allergies or “hay […]

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