The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way Americans accessed healthcare forever.

Throughout 2020, many hospitals around the world reached capacity with a huge influx of COVID-19 patients. And as the virus continued to spread, patients didn’t want to put themselves or their families at risk by going into the doctor’s office for routine care.

Telehealth services provided patients with access to a massive network of board-certified doctors — all from the safety of their home.

By October of 2020, telehealth usage increased by 3060% compared to the previous year. 

At the time, many were using these online doctor’s services to get treatment for the COVID-19 virus. But now we’re seeing more trends for telehealth in family medicine, pediatrics, allergies, and chronic illnesses.

Telemedicine isn’t new: It was already growing in the U.S. prior to the pandemic. A small percentage of patients used telehealth services to shorten commutes and for things like check-ups and follow-up appointments.

Now, as we adjust to “post-pandemic life,” telehealth services are here to stay. More families have realized they have easier access to healthcare with telehealth services, and can meet without requiring commutes, wait room times, and exposure to contagions. 

From affordability to accessibility, learn about the many benefits of telemedicine and why telehealth is here to stay after the pandemic.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a virtual on-demand doctor service you can access through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

Once you sign up to become a member with myCallADoc, you can talk to a board-certified doctor from wherever you are — 24/7, 365 days a year. Telehealth doctors can treat and diagnose your illness, and even write discounted prescriptions that get sent straight to your local pharmacy, wherever you are.

Our online doctors follow the same HIPAA policies and procedures and utilize the same secure information storing systems as your in-person doctor. So you can take care of yourself and your family in a more safe, secure, and convenient way.

Whether you’re traveling and it’s the middle of the night or you’re working from home, telehealth is an affordable, convenient alternative to traditional doctor office visits that helps streamline your health care experience.

How Do Telehealth Appointments Work?

You can access our online telemedicine services through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Once you sign up to become a member, you can start speaking to a doctor within minutes.

Video Chat

  • With myCallADoc, you can use our mobile app on almost any smartphone or mobile device to video chat with your doctor. 
  • With just a few clicks, you’ll be connected to a doctor who can see and hear you who is ready to help. 
  • Our doctors can diagnose more than 50 non-emergency issues and talk you through solutions.

Phone Call

  • When you’re not feeling well or have a family member in need of non-emergency medical care, you can speak with a board-certified doctor or pediatrician over the phone every day, at any time — day or night.


  • In addition to diagnosing and treating more than 50 conditions, telehealth doctors can prescribe and send discounted prescriptions straight to your local pharmacy.
  • You can reduce the number of hoops you have to go through for antibiotics, reoccurring prescriptions, and more.

Types of Telemedicine

You can rely on our virtual board-certified doctors for dermatology care, ear, nose, or throat pain, allergies, general medicine, and more. 

Our doctors can diagnose and treat over 50 non-emergency illnesses and conditions, including colds and flus, respiratory infections, headaches, sinus problems, UTIs, yeast infections, rashes, COVID-19, and more.

myCallADoc doctors have an average of 15 years of experience, and have passed extensive background checks through the American Medical Association (AMA). 

All virtual medical consultations are conducted through a HIPAA and PHI-compliant platform, with U.S. based, board-certified doctors with in-office experience. 

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Do You Need Insurance for Telehealth Appointments?

You don’t need insurance to become a myCallADoc member and access our online doctor services.

For only $28 a month, we make health care for you and your family easy, accessible, and affordable. We require no co-pays or deductibles, and you can end your membership at any time, free of cost.

With or without an insurance plan, you and your entire family can receive the same convenient and quality care from our board-certified doctors — for the same single monthly membership price.

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Telehealth Is Here to Stay — Try it Today!

Telehealth is designed to enhance in-person care, not replace it. In-person healthcare is still important and available for emergencies or health issues that need a more hands-on approach with your doctor. 

For everything else, telemedicine offers convenient and affordable access to healthcare that can’t be beat. Physicians are able to continue treating you as a patient, and you get unlimited access to the care you need.

Our experienced, board-certified doctors and pediatricians have revolutionized remote access to quality healthcare and will continue to provide you 24/7 assistance.

Skip taking time off work or finding a babysitter to go to the doctor’s office. Stay in touch with your doctor without having to take time out of your day to travel to their office. And avoid being exposed to other viruses and bacteria in the waiting room.

Get peace of mind and access to the world’s largest network of trusted physicians with telehealth by myCallADoc. Sign up today! > 

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